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One of the best parts of our work is traveling around the world to source medicinal plants and learn directly from people with a long tradition of growing and using them. These trips are a unique way to experience new cultures through the lens of the medicinal plants that play a central role in all aspects of their lives — from diet and cuisine to health and wellness. Somewhere along the line, we started referring to these journeys as Plantventures. 


What we ultimately realized is that whenever plants and people come together they unlock an adventure of aliveness. The real Plantventure happens inside of us — through the novel sensations and experience of heightened vitality that only medicinal plants create. 


The Post is your weekly reminder to Give Your Body the World and infuse every day with the enlivening power of medicinal plants. Join our Plantventures and discover the richness of global plant medicine traditions, and learn simple practices and recommendations to elevate your health and wellness.

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